About Rondo Library Renaissance

Rondo Community Outreach Library is a community gathering place: A safe haven for students, a resource for job seekers, a training center for literacy, a home to the world’s great literature. Inside the Library, ideas are bubbling to the surface, knowledge is building, empathy is cultivated, and imaginations are transported to faraway worlds. Outside the Library is a cold stone façade that belies the energy, creativity and hope within.

Unfortunately, the austere facade makes it identifiable only as "that brown building." Our vision is to create an inspiring and inviting urban statement that celebrates the Library, learning, literature, and literacy while welcoming the neighborhood it serves, responding to the local environment, and highlighting the role of art and artists in these communities.

The Friends of the Library raised money from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts to find a neighborhood artist to create a work of art for the exterior of the library. Springboard for the Arts is designing and managing this process with the Rondo Library.

We know there are many neighborhood artists who are great drawers, painters, screenprinters, designers, photographers, etc. who could do this commission if they were exposed to techniques that make translating what they do into mediums that are durable and appropriate for exterior installation. The Library and Springboard have been working to create a process that connects neighborhood artists to information, assistance, and support to be able to apply for this commission, even if this will be their first public art experience.



Events at the Rondo Library to inspire the new library façade project.